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Creating your first export

If you have successfully installed and configured all components (oracle client, Microsoft .NET Framework 4) and the application itself, you can export your first *.osm - file to oracle.
You can download extracts from OpenStreetMap directly via the api from OpenStreetMap or you can download datasets from geofabrik.
  • Start the application and click on Verbindung - Oracle verbinden
Oracle Verbindung
  • The login screen appears, enter your oracle username (schema), the password and the oracle service name (tnsnames.ora)
  • The Message "Open" appears, if the user credentials for connections are ok. After this, you can click on Datei - öffnen to open a *.osm - file. After opening the file, the application should start to export the points, lines and polygons of the file into the oracle database. Optionally you can enable/disable the checkbox Oracle SQL Fehlermeldungen anzeigen, this controls, if the sql errors from the database are displayed in the textbox of the application.

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