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  • Oracle database client
If you want to use OpenStreetMap2Oracle, you first have to download and install the oracle database client. You don't need to install the client, if you are running OpenStreetMap2Oracle on the oracle database server machine itself. Then you can go to the task Installation of OpenStreetMap2Oracle. You have to take care, if you are using OpenStreetMap2Oracle in 32Bit, you have to download the oracle client in 32Bit. Otherwise you have to download the 64Bit oracle client. Currently only 32Bit versions of OpenStreetMap2Oracle are available. 64Bit versions will follow. If you have downloaded the oracle client, you have to install it. We recommend the version "Administrator". Minimum version is "Instant Client". After installation, you need to configure the tnsnames.ora file for your oracle database server. OpenStreetMap2Oracle will ask you for this servicename. Make sure you are able to tnsping your oracle database server.
  • Oracle database
You will need a database installation of oracle. The version doesn't matter. You do not need oracle spatial! Oracle locator is enough to save geometries. Usually, in a standard database installation, there is oracle locator installed. We don't take a closer look on installing and configuring oracle database here.

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